I Moved To London!

It’s the worst.

Haha, I joke. I joke. It’s just multi-faceted. Let me walk you through it.

London; it’s a city fantasised about by so many. Anything you can think to do, they’ve got it. The broadway shows, any kind of food, some of the coolest bars/pubs/clubs I have ever heard of, Harry Potter World, the sets and stars of many big films, etc. The lights twinkle in a way the ones back home wouldn’t even know how to if they tried. They almost professionally shine. The price of a ticket to anywhere in Europe are so offensively cheap compared to ones from Aus, it makes my chest hurt sometimes. That’s probably the best part.

Everything costs an arm and a leg. I’ve moved over alone. I’ve moved over, quite poor. The stress of moving to a new country is quite high when you don’t have someone to tell you it’s going to be alright (I don’t know why I keep doing it).

Given the above, here’s my top five tips for moving to London:

  1. Bring a mate. That way, when shit hits the fan, you have someone to ground you. Especially if you’re wound up easily, like I am, this is a huge leg up.
  2. Bring as much fund$ as po$$ible. Realistically, I could have made the last two weeks much more enjoyable if I had some cash to throw around. I could have at least distracted myself from my constant sense of dread.
  3. Have a job lined up before you leave (I did this. It’s the only thing preventing a nervous melt down right now.)
  4. Have an open mind when you meet people – Make as many new friends as possible
  5. At the end of the day, remind yourself that you’re here to have fun and, as always, you can leave whenever you want to.

Also, a bonus tip would be to do it when you’re under 25. I’m scared of more things than I was when I was 21. I think I know myself so well now, I have no uncertainty about whether I like something or not and I have no qualms shutting something down because I’m afraid it won’t gel with those around me (See: jumping out of planes, getting wildly drunk in clubs, Tindering, etc).

To summarise: It’s gonna be hard, but do it anyway.


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